Hello, I am Polinet Uch

full-stack web developer

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My Journey

Why did I switch my career from teaching to coding?

Back in the days that I was completing my teaching degree in 2014. I stumbled upon this curriculum called STEM. I was like "Wow, this is new!" and that I never knew there was so much more involved in STEM areas rather than just being a scientist. This made me reflect back on my high school days, when I learnt the basic of HTML. The instructor taught me how to create a h1 tag to say "HELLO WORLD". I could not do it. I lost my hope in coding. It was still lingering in my mind throughout my bachelor. I remembered my mum said that the the STEM work fields are only for males. She was too scared to send me to that university. Until I moved to Australia, I saw the many great opportunities waiting out there for me. It took several years for me to finally make that decision. Being introduced to the Monash University Coding Bootcamp was probably the best thing that happened in 2019. The struggles of juggling between work and study was so much worth it and I loved every moment of it.

Becoming a full-stack web developer

Yes, I have practised and learnt all the fundamental skills to web application such as: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, Axios, Node Js, Express Js, Handlebars, React Js, MySQL, Sequelize, MongoDB, Mongoose, Postman, Web API and Heroku.

Looking for an opportunity!!!

Like people would always say "Never stop learning". Though I have picked up skills from an intensive 6 months of coding program. I still want to learn more about the world of computing and programming. I am looking for an opportunity to be apart of a developer's team, to contribute, to be a team player and to learn. Goals: I would like to learn more about cloud computing and extend on my current skills.

My Coding Bootcamp Projects

Who I am

Developer based out of Melbourne

As you know my name is Polinet Uch. Some would call me Poli or even Polinet. I was born and raised in Cambodia. I moved to Australia in 2013, which was a year after I finished high school. I took up a teaching certificate to diploma and a degree. There are both pros and cons to this field of study even if I knew that I wanted to do coding as a career. Being unable to afford a university degree in IT and all the criticism that I should not had listened to, I ended up finishing the Bachelor of ECT.

Till mid 2019, I was introduced to Monash University Coding Bootcamp. After working in the teaching industry for two years. I began to realize even more that it wasn't where I belong. Being apart of the bootcamp helped me understand so much more about technology and the skills that you can apply to many other areas in life such as problem solving and the ability to challenge yourself to the next level.

Aside from attending the bootcamp, I have also had many inspirations from the people around me. Majority of them are working in the industry and I was able to ask for suggestions and ideas and the pathway that I should undertake whilst coming back a non-technical neither business background.

I've met many fellow developers who are as passionate in coding as I am. I should many think this is just a small step to something but I consider this as my proudest and biggest achievement. To finally do something that I enjoy and from not knowing nothing to learn so much.


My Projects

Web applications that I have created