Coding Bootcamp Group Project Along Came Polly

Linked your Spotify account for upcoming events


This was my first group project called; Along Came Polly. This is a music event applications that compiles a list of upcoming events based on your top playlist on Spotify. You can log on to the app using your Facebook account, which will then redirect you back to the website. Once redirected, users can view their top artists and songs.


My role on the project

I worked on the API endpoint. Once a list of artists or songs are compiled, the names of artist will then be compared to Ticketmaster API to display all upcoming events. To do so, I created a function to query the API. Using ajax with a GET method, it returns a response under the Json format. Based on the names given from user's Spotify account, it will loop through the results 5 times then display in a new div with details such as artist name, event dates and location.

View on github spotify

Language and tool used:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Boostrap
  4. Javascript
  5. Jquery
  6. Ajax
  7. Firebase
  8. Ticketmaster API
  9. Kanban
  10. Facebook Auth0 Authentication
  11. Spotify API
  12. Slack and Skype as communication tools