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Enrollment System For School



This project was based on a real life problem, which I observed in school settings. The major problem was that majority of the primary schools or even child care centers enrollment system are based on paper. Being a former kindergarten teacher, I realized that no one has really looked into transforming the early years education to a digital world. There was also another problem in the way, which was that people who work in the settings are not as tech savvy. Therefore, my simple solution is not only to help the amount of hours for administrators filling in and handing out enrollment forms but to help our busy parents out there as well.

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Tools and languages used in this MERN Stack application:


This app allows admins to edit, delete, add and view message (that they would like to send to parents). There is some restriction in the app as well. Only admins can view all the students information when they are logged in. To do so,

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